30 30.09.2022

U-space in use – report of Swiss FOCA

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There is a dream of orderly coexistence between drones and manned aviation. While this may seem less relevant in general airspace, there are areas of high traffic where guidance from air traffic control is inevitable. U-space refers to a collection of digital and automated functions and processes [...]

29 29.09.2022

Details of the EDF22 Program published

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UAV DACH - unmanned aviation association has released details of this year's EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM (#EDF22). The 5. international Conference of drone is provided with the MotoPaving the way for professional UAS operationsan will be hosted in cooperation with EASA and the German Federal Ministry of Digital and [...]

16 16.09.2022


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HHLA Sky supports the conference and exhibits at the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022 HHLA Sky, winner of the 2021 German Innovation Award, has developed the world's first scalable end-to-end drone system. The system allows for the safe operation of drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). [...]

18 18.08.2022

Automated drones in the Port of Hamburg – controlled with highest safety levels

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Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) coordinates the intermodal transport of goods and commodities between shore and sea - maintaining the highest safety standards for people and machines. This knowledge has been used by the Group's subsidiary HHLA Sky to develop a multi-award-winning control technology that allows drones [...]

30 30.06.2022

SORA Advance User Workshop preparing presentation for #EDF22

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The new UAV DACH - SORA Focus Group and TUM Institute of Flight System Dynamics (FSD) launched a SORA survey to find out the challenges and success story from operators that use drones in the specific category. Within a few weeks, over 120 operators responded and provided [...]

22 22.06.2022

EASA invites national aviation authorities to EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM

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The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has invited national aviation authorities to meet at the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022. The international drone conference provides the ideal platform to exchange views on ongoing changes to the regulatory framework for unmanned aviation and to build a network between [...]

20 20.06.2022

SORA survey launched

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UAV DACH - unmanned aviation association and TU Munich have established a new SORA Focus Group, to analyze and solve member challenges regarding the SORA authorization process for Specific-Category UAS operations. This Focus Group plans to organize workshops, collect information, and advocate on behalf of the UAV DACH [...]

16 16.06.2022

Call4papers ended – exhibition spaces and supporter packages are still available

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The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM on November 7-8 is the platform where operators can meet and network with authorities. It offers the space and time to explicitly present their experiences and feedback to representatives of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as well as National Aviation Authorities. [...]

1 01.06.2022

Tickets available for EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022

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Tickets for the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM are available now. Secure your seat in the conference room in Cologne or for participation on screen. Tickets can be ordered online via the website https://www.eudroneforum.de and paid by credit card and bank transfer. Paving the way for professional UAS operations - [...]

9 09.11.2021

The future of flying starts now!

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Traffic jams during rush hours have characterised the picture in and around all the world's populous and economically powerful major cities for years. There are no signs of a trend reversal. According to figures from the German Federal Environment Agency, the mileage of passenger traffic in Germany [...]


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