30 30.06.2022

SORA Advance User Workshop preparing presentation for #EDF22

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The new UAV DACH - SORA Focus Group and TUM Institute of Flight System Dynamics (FSD) launched a SORA survey to find out the challenges and success story from operators that use drones in the specific category. Within a few weeks, over 120 operators responded and provided [...]

20 20.06.2022

SORA survey launched

2022-06-20T11:14:25+02:0020.06.2022|Categories: NEWS|Tags: , , , , , |

UAV DACH - unmanned aviation association and TU Munich have established a new SORA Focus Group, to analyze and solve member challenges regarding the SORA authorization process for Specific-Category UAS operations. This Focus Group plans to organize workshops, collect information, and advocate on behalf of the UAV DACH [...]


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