Topics of the EDF22

During the 1.5-day conference, will present and will stimulate intensive discussions on the following topics:

  • Policy- and rulemaking in Europe
  • Qualification of remote pilots
  • Drone operations in practice
  • Airspace integration

  • Conformity of technical drone requirements

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The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM (EDF) has welcomed an international audience interested in the sociological, political, and technical aspects of unmanned aviation since 2018.

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM is the unique leading platform in Europe offering the industry a forum where all stakeholders (including authorities, researchers, OEMs, suppliers, and operators) gather to do business and share knowledge.

EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM – the international conference on unmanned aviation. #EDF22

European Dorne Forum 2019

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Tickets are available for everyone either to participate onsite including drinks & snacks during breaks and business lunch or online. Online participants will be able to actively ask questions or place their opinion via video conferencing.

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