European Drone Forum brings fresh incentives to the industry

Positive signal More dialog, more joint initiatives, more mutual understanding: only in constructive cooperation can regulators and the drone industry pave the way for more professional UAS applications. This was the message coming out of the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM in Cologne, as Achim Friedl, Chairman of the UAV [...]

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Enabling business models: EASA and JEDA organize open dialogue

Constructive collaboration How can approval processes be better designed in the future to enable the commercial use of UAS in the "specific category" and prevent an overload of the drone industry? This question was discussed today at the European Drone Forum (EDF) organized by UAV DACH in Cologne, [...]

European Drone Forum opens in Cologne

Clearing obstacles "Clearing obstacles" between regulatory and supervisory authorities on the one hand and the drone economy on the other is the goal and aspiration of the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM in Cologne. In his opening remarks, Achim Friedl, CEO of the organizing UAV DACH e.V., pointed out that [...]

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valAIRion – Autonomously triggered rescue system as enabler for enhanced drone operations

Exploit the full potential of drone applications, increase coverage, make more complex and wide-ranging operations possible. ESG has developed the icing on the safety chain cake as enabler – a smart, highly reliable and certified rescue system for ground risk mitigation. Always having an eye [...]

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LUV – National implementation of the U-space Regulation for Germany

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), more commonly referred to as drones, hold enormous economic potential by adding additional means of transportation to multimodal mobility. At the same time, the exploitation of this potential requires the assurance of safe and efficient airspace access for UAS and thus a reliable legal [...]

UAM Flight Demonstration Project – Paving the way for Air Taxi Operation in Korea

UAM Flight Demonstration Project is a part of the K-UAM roadmap organized by MOLIT aiming not only to promote social acceptance for UAM but also to showcase our accelerating effort to introduce UAM service in Korea by 2025. Following the first eVTOL flight carried out over the Han [...]

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AeroPolis: Micro-airports for autonomous drone services

The presentation introduces a solution for the ground infrastructure and services needed for easy-to-use and scalable autonomous drone services. The AEROPOLIS research project has analyzed and applied the service functions of the airports of manned aviation for the infrastructure of autonomous UAVs. This infrastructure enables scaling the drone [...]

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Project Flying Forward 2020: Creating the 21st Century Spatial Ecosystem

Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) is a three-year project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, with grant agreement number 101006828. The project focuses on developing a new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem and solutions by incorporating UAM within the geospatial digital infrastructure [...]

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NXP works to innovate smart technologies through Public Cooperation Program

NXP is working on innovating smart technologies with other businesses, governments, and academics through our Public Cooperation Programs (PCP), and here’s an update on two of our innovative projects to make flying drones smarter, safer, and therefore more useful in places where they can deliver the greatest benefits. [...]

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