HHLA Sky supporter and exhibitor of the EDF22

HHLA Sky’s solution is built from the ground up to fully answer the rigorous demands for safe, scalable, and effective drone operations – in industrial settings, critical infrastructures, security organizations, authorities, as well as in complex logistic applications. Challenging environments, where product safety and secure IT really counts, is where clients appreciate the thorough German engineering approach.

Deployed as a combination of both a modular industrial drone hardware platform with control center(s), it allows control of 100+ UAS – across the world and BVLOS. Customizable integration in enterprise environments – as well as dynamic interaction with UTM-systems – are enablers for efficiency and safety gains.

The IoT platform elegantly combines both automated, software-supported processes with human-in-the-loop interaction. The IoT platform also can control other autonomous vehicles.

HHLA Sky is a subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen Logistik AG and was honored with the prestigious German Innovation Award 2021.

HHLA Sky is supporting and exhibits at  EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022.

HHLA Sky Gewinner deutscher Innovationspreis 2021