In addition to the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM conference, organisations will present and show participants solutions for safe and efficient unmanned aviation, during breaks and after the presentations. Take advantage of the time in cologne as an attendee to create new contacts and learn about current technologies.

Why participate in the exhibition

The glue between the stakeholders in the technologies is trust. Authorities trust that operators will apply and comply with regulations. Operators trust that manufacturers will deliver a technically reliable UAS. Operators trust that their remote pilots will operate safely and collect high-quality data. Customers trust that the service provided will deliver high-quality data for their individual needs. In short, trust is primarily based on a close relationship.

European Drone Forum Showroom

The showroom at the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM will

And as a participant, you will find out about the latest technology and discuss it with expert how it will support your organization to overcome challenges.

How book a table in the show room?

As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to

  • be present with your organization right next to the conference,
  • publish an article in the program booklet,
  • forward a message to all subscribers of the EDF newsletter and
  • receive free tickets to the conference.

Use the exhibition in the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM showroom to showcase your company or product and build trust at all levels. Show that your system or services are relevant and make the contacts to build lasting relationships.

All exhibitors will be listed on the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM website with a link to their own URL. In short, as an exhibitor you are omnipresent: online, in the conference room and beyond.


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