The EUROEPAN DRONE FORUM provides an exclusive framework to receive first-hand insights into the current planning of Europe’s aviation authorities, understand the roadmap of the European Commission and to feedback concerns, suggestions and market demands directly to the experts, who will work on future developments of the drone regulations. Within the yearly conference, the results of initiatives and surveys, current roadmaps, as well as concerns and challenges are exchanged between the drone industry, authorities and politics.

Industry representatives, UAS manufacturers and operators, technology experts and all other drone pioneers are invited to shape the future of the European drone-economy. With a limited number of attendees (250) and set up as an on-site event, the conference will allow for in-depth discussions and ensure that each attendee finds time to interact with an expert.

More than 60 members of national aviation authorities and EASA are invited to listen to the challenges and concerns of the drone industry. A real-time poll will provide feedback on the speakers’ content and arguments. To further explore the topics, a seated lunch and four coffee breaks will provide additional networking opportunities.

The 6th EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM conference will be held in English at the Dorint an der Messe Hotel in Cologne, Germany,

6. EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM on October 26.-27. 2023

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM is designed to

  • present latest information, compact and unfiltered

  • offer networking opportunities with the decission makers and influencers

  • provide access to authorities to shape the regulations and standards of Europe’s Drone-Economy.

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM opens its doors for the sixth consecutive year. Hosted by UAV DACH – Association of Uncrewed Aviation, the largest drone industry association in Europe, the forum invites all stakeholders of the drone industry, the industry that will use drone services today or in the future, and enablers, such as authorities and politicians that create the legal framework for drone technology.

About the host – UAV DACH

UAV DACH strives for shaping the framework for the European drone economy in the interests of its members. Its goal is to promote the safe, commercially viable and ecologically sustainable operation of uncrewed aerial systems. As a strong alliance the European association based in Germany organizes networking and information for all relevant stakeholders from business, politics and society.

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