10 10.11.2021

Drones in sight. Even before they take off. – Securiton Germany

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SecuriLocate Drone WINGMAN Pro is the intuitive, mobile alarm system that detects commercial remote-controlled drones from long distances. It continuously searches for UAV control and video signals and provides early warning. Each detected drone and its remote control generates a message directly to the smartphone or smartwatch. [...]

4 04.11.2021

IT Security and product safety for unmanned aviation

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Several interfaces and systems poses risks to drones manufacturer and operators Unmanned aircraft systems (uas) are controlled via radio remote controls with communication protocols that are inherently insecure. Hackers could take control or at least break contact without any additional effort. The software for the control [...]

2 02.11.2021


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Gyrocopter technology Made in Germany Airial Robotics Hamburg is a European UAS technology company with a leadership team from Germany, UK, Hungary and China. They develop, design, and manufacture an aviation grade series of drones in different sizes. The choice of a hybrid design – between [...]

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