The UAV DACH e.V. – Unmanned Aviation Association exists since the year 2000 and is the largest and most experienced German speaking professional association for unmanned aviation in Europe. It represents the interests of more than 230 members from research & development, manufacturers and suppliers as well as users and service providers mainly from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and France.

The UAV DACH e.V. pursues the economic design and use of unmanned aerial systems for the benefit of the general public, the achievement of broad public acceptance and operational safety in the airspace without endangering humans and property on the ground.

The members of UAV DACH meet in experts groups and combine their expertise to provide knowledge to authorities, politics, manufacturers and operators. Representatives of the association participate in JARUS, ISO, ASTM, ASD-STAN, EUROCAE and national standards groups such as DIN. Also, UAV DACH is invited in the German Drone Advisory Board and rule making task forces of EASA.

UAV DACH e.V. headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany.


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