Starting in 2023 drone traffic in Europe will be uniformly regulated to enable efficient and safe drone operations. In the UDVeo research project, a project group is developing practical solutions for the U-space regulation.

The team consists of legal experts, software and hardware engineers, drone operators, researchers and the Hamburg aviation authority. In addition, the project group collaborates with other partners such as EASA, national regulators and ANSPs.

To gain practical insights the project group developed a prototypical USSP control center that includes all mandatory U-space services. This prototype was successfully field tested with multiple UAS operators.

Participation at the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM

Meet representatives of the project team in the exhibition area to experience the future U-space.

See how the USSP control centers and ground control stations work together seamlessly via an API.

Learn how to integrate drones and manned aircraft in a safe and efficient manner.

UDVeo is funded by the Federal German Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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