Securiton systems can determine the position of a drone. These details can be used to locate the person with the remote control even before the drone takes off. If the drone is in the air, this signal is also localised.

Drone detector for mobile applications

SecuriLocate Drone WINGMAN Pro is the intuitive, mobile alarm system that detects commercial remote-controlled drones from long distances. It continuously searches for UAV control and video signals and provides early warning. Each detected drone and its remote control generates a message directly to the smartphone or smartwatch. The unmanned flying objects are visualised by means of an app. This personal guardian reliably detects drones within a radius of up to two kilometres.

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Drone detection made in Germany

The safeguarding of spaces and effective protection for people: It is also essential that threats from unmanned flying objects are taken into account in sustainable perimeter security. Comprehensive drone detection systems range from wearable hand-held equipment to 360-degree complete solutions for detection at a distance of several kilometres.

The areas of application are diverse, e.g. personal protection, events, politics, stadiums, festivals, V.I.P., yachts, correctional facilities, energy suppliers, industry, research facilities, prototype test tracks, airports, borders and military.

Extra. Safe.

Intelligent and modular system solutions paired with the necessary expertise are used to create tailored security solutions at Securiton Germany. Securiton provides professional advice and support, even at the analysis stage for specific security situations. The experts assess the possible hazards and risks.

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