Why partner with EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM?

Since 2018, the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM (EDF) has welcomed an international audience interested in political, social, economic and technical aspects of unmanned aviation. The EDF is a unique platform for the industry, bringing together all stakeholders (including authorities, researchers, OEMs, suppliers and operators). There is no other place to establish business contacts and share knowledge in combination with a comprehensive conference program directly focused on European legislation and civil drone operations.

The EDF is intended to bridge the gap between authorities and manufacturers, theory and practice, administration and operators. Therefore, both long-time experts and representatives from markets that are on the cusp of participating in the unmanned aviation markets will attend. EDF is therefore an ideal venue if you want to exclusively reach this specific market.

Supporting organizations of the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022

How to support the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM is open to the public but will be visited by experts, authorities, industry, and press representatives. Organizations that want to express their dedication in unmanned aviation, broaden the footprint of their brand, or present their new services and products to a very exclusive group of unmanned aviation experts shall sponsor the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM.

As a partner of the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM, you can bring your company, service, or products as well as your expertise to the fore at several levels of the conference.

  • sponsorship – put your company in the front row and support the EUROEPAN DRONE FORUM as one of three companies.
  • exhibition – present your product or service to the conference participants as one of 10 companies next to the conference in the lounge and break area

  • reception – successfully conclude the day of the event and invite the participants to a standing reception
  • advertisements in the conference brochure – present your business beyond the conference in a brochure that is provided to every participant

  • project report – show your competency and list your organisation as an expert for a long term by a narrative of your business

Sponsoring packages of EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM

There are various packages available to support the conference and the evening reception. The packages include a presentation slots, marketing opportunities and provide to soil to market your brand and product directly into the inbox of the participants.

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