The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM is open to the public but will be visited by experts, authorities, industry, and press representatives. Organizations that want to express their dedication in unmanned aviation, broaden the footprint of their brand, or present their new services and products to a very exclusive group are invited to sponsor the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to:

  1. Place their portfolio in the official EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM program booklet.
  2. Place their logo on the website and in the newsletters with a link to their own landing page
  3. Send news via the Linkedin focus channel
  4. Present own banners in the conference hall and in front of the hall
  5. Present a demonstration or information stand (1m x 2m table space) in the exhibition area.
  6. Send individual information to all participants after the conference.
  7. Provide a film or slides to be shown to the audience and in the online stream during the breaks
  8. May provide details to be sent out in the press briefing in advance of the event

Support the evening reception of EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM

Directly after the presentations, scheduled at around 18:00, there will be an evening reception. Beverages and food can be sponsored for 1000€. The sponsor organisation will be announced, logo and pull-up can be shown during the reception.

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