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Manager of Head office UAV DACH, Berlin Expert on drones, member of JARUS SCB, ISO, ASTM, ASD-STAN, DIN working groups.
18 18.05.2022

Call4paper open for proposal submission

2022-05-18T13:24:04+02:0018.05.2022|Categories: NEWS|Tags: |

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022 is opening a Call4paper. Representatives from public authorities, research institutions and companies are invited to submit their topic proposals for technical papers via the website https://www.eudroneforum.org by June 15, 2022. Suitable presentation topics include current research results, upcoming decisions, project outlines and reports [...]

13 13.05.2022

Safe the date for the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2022

2022-05-19T09:24:17+02:0013.05.2022|Categories: NEWS|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

UAV DACH e.V. - Unmanned Aviation Association announces the 5. EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM the international conference on unmanned aviation on November 7-8, 2022 in Cologne This year, the program will be extended to 1.5 days for even more intensive discussions about unmanned aviation systems. In [...]

20 20.11.2021

European Drone Forum 2021 exceeded expectations

2021-11-20T15:03:16+01:0020.11.2021|Categories: NEWS|Tags: |

Cologne, Germany. On Monday, November 15, 2021, the European drone industry met in Cologne with representatives of the national aviation authorities from the European member states, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The occasion was [...]

15 15.11.2021

EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM program in a brochure

2021-11-15T11:00:04+01:0015.11.2021|Categories: NEWS, Program|

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2021 started today, November 15, at 9:00 am in Cologne, Germany. All tickets are sold and many have registered up to the last minute to listen online. The program brochure with details about the presentations and even additional information is now online. [...]

10 10.11.2021

Drones in sight. Even before they take off. – Securiton Germany

2021-11-10T19:27:50+01:0010.11.2021|Categories: Exhibitors, NEWS, UAS Technologies|Tags: , |

SecuriLocate Drone WINGMAN Pro is the intuitive, mobile alarm system that detects commercial remote-controlled drones from long distances. It continuously searches for UAV control and video signals and provides early warning. Each detected drone and its remote control generates a message directly to the smartphone or smartwatch. [...]

9 09.11.2021

The future of flying starts now!

2021-11-09T10:48:51+01:0009.11.2021|Categories: Exhibitors, NEWS|Tags: , |

Traffic jams during rush hours have characterised the picture in and around all the world's populous and economically powerful major cities for years. There are no signs of a trend reversal. According to figures from the German Federal Environment Agency, the mileage of passenger traffic in Germany [...]

7 07.11.2021

Efficiently organising urban drone traffic – UDVeo project

2021-11-07T12:06:40+01:0007.11.2021|Categories: Exhibitors, NEWS|Tags: , , |

Starting in 2023 drone traffic in Europe will be uniformly regulated to enable efficient and safe drone operations. In the UDVeo research project, a consortium is developing practical solutions for the U-space regulation. The consortium consists of legal experts, software and hardware engineers, drone operators, researchers and [...]

6 06.11.2021


2021-11-08T18:38:40+01:0006.11.2021|Categories: NEWS, Program|Tags: , |

EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2021 – meet the industry, authorities and operators all at once Let us cordially invite you to this year's EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM in Cologne on November 15th, 2021. Representatives of European authorities, industry, operators and users of the innovative technology will meet at this [...]

4 04.11.2021

IT Security and product safety for unmanned aviation

2021-11-04T11:44:18+01:0004.11.2021|Categories: NEWS, Sponsors, UAS Technologies|Tags: , , |

Several interfaces and systems poses risks to drones manufacturer and operators Unmanned aircraft systems (uas) are controlled via radio remote controls with communication protocols that are inherently insecure. Hackers could take control or at least break contact without any additional effort. The software for the control [...]

3 03.11.2021

Integration of life-saving UAS into the airspace

2021-11-03T11:11:18+01:0003.11.2021|Categories: NEWS, UAS Applications|

The challenge of medical support in sparsely populated areas Germany is experiencing a demographic change. The population is getting older and older. The need for medical care is constantly increasing. At the same time, all people have the same right to medical care, medical assistance and nursing. It [...]


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